You may view the latest RFQs by visiting the Opportunities section:

To view all the RFQs, sign-in to the homepage. You can filter the timeline and show only RFQs by clicking on the RFQ button.

How to submit a quotation

  1. Click on the "Submit Offer" button on the RFQ. Once on the RFQ page, you will be able to see the details of the request.
  2. Write a brief introduction of your company and your offer details on the field provided. If you need more info from the buyer, you may add them here.
  3. You may attach up to 3 photos or documents relevant to your offer.
  4. Click on Submit to send your offer. The buyer will be notified that they have received a new quote.
  5. You can view all the quotes you have sent on the Quotes section on the seller dashboard:

Here are some tips when sending quotations:

  • Replying as soon as possible can increase your chances to sell.
  • Keep your company profile updated and engaging to improve your brand and easily gain the trust of buyers
  • Stay positive in your responses and communications no matter what, and consider personalizing your messages to help cater to your customer’s individual needs.
  • Remember that your buyer is looking for help. Whether you give them advice or a recommendation, giving them what they need will help build trust and create a good relationship with your customer.
  • It's good practice to end your messages with a question, to engage the buyer and help them make their decision.

Provide your potential buyers with a good experience, and they will become your loyal customers! Happy selling, and good luck on your Burket journey ahead!